Ascension Island Government

Post Office

The Ascension Island Post Office manages surface and air mail, motor vehicle licensing, driving licences and fish export permits. It also sells a range of stationery consumables. You may order and purchase coin sets and stamps for Ascension Island, St Helena and Tristan da Cunha via the online shop.

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Surface Mail

Small items up to a weight of 15Kg may be shipped to the Falkland Islands (via the Falkland Islands Resupply Ship) or to St Helena (via the MV Helena).

Air Mail

Small items up to a weight of 2Kg may be flown worldwide. Mail for St Helena is conveyed by the SA Airlink operated monthly inter-island air service. As cargo space is limited mail should be sent early to avoid disappointment.

All other air mail is conveyed via the UK through the UK Ministry of Defence operated tactical support flight.

Driving Licences

An Ascension Island driving licence is required for individuals staying on Ascension Island for three months or more.

A non-Ascension licence is valid for up to three months after arrival on the island, at which time individuals must apply for and purchase a valid licence. It is possible to purchase a driving licence that lasts for either one or two years.

For unlicenced drivers an application for a provisional licence and driving exam may be made with the Post Office.

Cover Notes

To transport unlicensed vehicles or vehicles without a valid MOT individuals must obtain a valid cover note from the Post Office.

Fish Export Permits

Fish products may be exported from Ascension but prior to doing so individuals must obtain a permit. A maximum of 10Kg fish is allowed in any single consignment.

Fish products are accepted on the MV Helena and shipping can be arranged through the Travel and Shipping office.