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Grant Funding for Conservation Projects

25 August 2021

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£1million in external grant funding secured

Over the past few months the AIG Conservation and Fisheries Directorate (AIGCFD) has been successful in securing £1million of grant funding from external partners to deliver specific conservation projects in Ascension. This will allow AIGCFD to undertake work that will benefit the whole island for generations to come, such as mapping the seabed around the coast and improving methods to control Mexican thorn.

A description of all the projects being funded is shown on the diagram overleaf.

Regular updates on progress will be provided and there will be many opportunities for the Ascension community to get involved and contribute to the success of these projects.

This work is only possible thanks to generous grants from the UK Government’s Darwin Plus and Blue Belt Programmes, the Pew Charitable Trusts and the Blue Marine Foundation. Delivering the projects will also involve many international partners who are keen to support Ascension in protecting its unique biodiversity.

For further information on any of these projects please contact the AIGCFD via email at