Ascension Island Government

Island Council

The Ascension Island Council is an elected body that provides advice to the Administrator on matters relating to the governance of Ascension Island. As a result of changes in the constitutional arrangements for Ascension Island, the first Island Council of seven members was elected and took office on 01 November 2002.

Alan Nicholls

Since 26 September 2019


Alan was born on St Helena in 1957 and moved to Ascension Island in early 2006 where he worked for the Ascension Island Government in Human Resources. Alan retired from his position in 2016. Prior to moving to Ascension, Alan worked for the St Helena Government for over 30 years. When he left SHG in 2006 he held the position of Crown Prosecutor, Legislative Drafter and head of the Government’s Legal, Lands and Planning Department. Other than being an Island Councillor, Alan is currently also involved with the Islander newspaper and is a Lay Minister in St Mary’s Parish. He is in a long-term relationship with his partner and has a 22 year old son.

Andrew Ellick

Since 26 September 2019


Andrew was born in St Helena and is married with two sons, and a granddaughter. Following his carpentry apprenticeship Andrew eventually became a technical craftsman and PE teacher at Prince Andrew school on St Helena. In 2006 Andrew travelled to the Falkland Islands with his family and two years later they moved to Ascension Island, where he is currently employed by Encompass as a shift engineer at the power station. Andrew is a keen fisherman, cricketer and sailor with a coastal skippers certificate of competence.

Andrew Hobson

Since 26 September 2019


Andy followed his partner, Janet, to Ascension in January 2017 and was due to fly back to visit the UK when flights to the UK were suspended following the identification of issues with the runway a few days before his flight. He has been here ever since. Andy spent over forty years running and advising organisations both very large and very small but gave all that up to live on Ascension, with absolutely no regrets. He is an active member of the island community, supporting the school, where Janet teaches science and geography, lifeguarding, diving, making music and extensive walking on this beautiful island.

Katharyn Chadwick

Since 26 September 2019


Katharyn, known as Kate, was born in the UK in 1978 and has worked all over the world. She came to Ascension in 2017 where she is employed as a marine and fisheries scientist. Prior to returning to University to retrain in this field, Kate had over 10 years’ experience working in the recruitment and employment sector. She has also worked as a PADI scuba diving instructor and enjoys any and all activities that involve the ocean as well as training at the gym.

Keturah George

Since 26 September 2019


Kitty was born on St Helena Island in 1970 and has lived on Ascension Island since 1990. She has been an Island Councillor for the past 10 years. She represented the Council at the Joint Ministerial Council meeting Overseas Territories representatives in London in December 2018 and is currently working as Shipping Agent with Ascension Island Government. She has two adult sons.