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Adapted Air Corridor Protocols Introduced

18 May 2022


Testing to be applied to all arriving air passengers

On Tuesday 26 April the St Helena Government introduced changes to the COVID-19 entry, quarantine and testing protocols for all arrivals to St Helena. These included the removal of the requirement for arrivals to undertake pre-departure testing and a reduction in quarantine length from 10 days to seven days (dependent on vaccination status). These changes were introduced based on consideration of evidence and advice in relation to St Helena’s specific circumstances.

At present the protocols and measures in place for arrivals to Ascension from areas affected by COVID-19 remain unchanged, with arrivals required to observe up to 14 days compulsory isolation depending on previous confirmed infection, vaccination status and the size of their quarantine group.

Given the divergence in protocols now in place between the two territories, COVID-19 testing will be applied to arrivals from St Helena as a condition of the Policy on HLE-ASI Reduced Length Compulsory Isolation air corridor protocols. Doing so will ensure that authorities can remain confident in the quarantine free air travel corridor that is currently in place for travellers to Ascension that have originated in St Helena.

As with all arrivals, anyone that returns a positive test result will be required to observe isolation in line with the protocols outlined in the Policy on the Isolation on Arrival of Persons Travelling from Affected Areas.