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AIG ‘s new E-visa system

22 May 2018

Travel and Shipping

New Ascension Island E-Visa system

AIG are pleased to announce that a new and improved process for applying for a visa to travel to Ascension Island is now in place. Therefore if you wish to visit Ascension Island you will need to apply for an E-Visa online at our dedicated E-visa website,

The E-Visa system will allow you to apply online for all types of Ascension Island visas:

-          Tourist -          Contractor (A, B, C)
-          Single/Double Transit -          Employment
-          Business (Short Term/Long Term) -          Employment – Dependent
-          Scientific/Research



Upfront payment at the point of application will be required. This can be done by bank card or by bank transfer payable to AIG’s Bank of St Helena account or UK Lloyd’s Bank account.

This new system will enable AIG to offer a faster and more effective visa service to all those wanting to travel to Ascension.

The prices for visas will remain unchanged.

For more information visit

Q&As notice will follow.