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Ascension welcomes ‘Bullseye’ to enhance Marine Conservation

20 December 2023

Conservation, Government


Bullseye being taken for its first outing. Photo by Lorna West.

AIG is delighted to announce the arrival of 'Bullseye', the new tender for the Conservation and Fisheries Directorate, generously funded by the UK Government's Blue Belt Programme. This acquisition marks a significant upgrade from the previous tender, which was unfortunately lost a few months ago during stormy weather.

This new tender, equipped with a functioning motor, promises to enhance the efficiency of weekly fieldwork. The ability to moor the vessel 'Moray' in Clarence Bay overnight offers the team greater flexibility and time to conduct crucial marine science research.

The tender is aptly named 'Bullseye', after the local name for the glasseye snapper, Heteropiacanthus cruentatus, a nocturnal fish indigenous to Ascension, known for its bright red colour and lives in caves and under ledges. The name reflects the Directorate's commitment to the preservation and study of local marine life. A bullseye ventures out of its dark cave to investigate a diver.


Photo taken by Cath Bailey.

This addition feels akin to an early Christmas gift, and the Directorate is optimistic about the many years of service 'Bullseye' will provide in support of marine conservation efforts. The Directorate extends heartfelt gratitude to the Blue Belt Programme for their support and to the AIG's Marine team, whose assistance has been invaluable in maintaining the continuity of fieldwork during challenging times.