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Consultation on New Immigration Policy Begins

24 June 2022

Government, Press Release

Responses sought between 24 June and 18 July

Today, Friday 24 June, a public consultation on a draft Policy on Entry Control to Ascension begins.

A robust system of entry control is a core function of government and is necessary for the good governance of the territory. As there is no automatic right to entry to, or right to remain in, Ascension it is important that decisions are made in line with established principles and procedures, and that these are applied openly, fairly and consistently.

By establishing a published policy that details these, including on what grounds permission to enter or remain may be refused, such decisions will be clearly understandable and open to public scrutiny.

In doing so, the new policy seeks to balance the UK government’s policy that there is no right of residency in Ascension with the principles of an open, fair and proportionate approach to entry control.

Copies of the draft policy are available online through the AIG website, or through the Administrator’s Office in Georgetown.

Members of the public and interested parties are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the policy and provide written responses no later than Monday 18 July. Responses should be provided by email through