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Customs Attendance and Checks

6 February 2023

Government, Travel and Shipping

The public are requested to note that Customs checks are being carried out on arrival into Ascension as per the Customs Ordinance, 2001. Passengers arriving in Ascension must complete the customs declaration form provided to them upon arrival and be prepared for their baggage to be searched.

Whilst not every individuals bag will be searched, a random computer-generated selection will be done for a percentage of passengers relative to the total number travelling.

For dutiable items, amounts in excess to the legal allowance should be declared. For ease of reference, listed below are the amounts allowed as being duty free:

(a)(i) Alcoholic beverages with Alcohol by Volume (‘ABV’) exceeding 30% - 1 litre

plus, either:

(ii) Alcoholic beverages with ABV exceeding 11% but not exceeding 30% - 2 litres  


(iii)   Alcoholic beverages with ABV not exceeding 11% (Beers/Lagers) – 4.1 litres

(b) Cigarettes not exceeding 200, or other tobacco goods not exceeding in all 250 grams.

Whilst the Customs procedure is not expected to overly prolong the arrivals process, we ask that passengers remain patient and be respectful to Customs Officers carrying out their duties.