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Disposal of Domestic Waste

27 May 2021


Disposal of Domestic Waste

Members of the public are reminded that separate waste bins are provided by AIG for disposal of particular items, specifically:

  • General waste (black bags)
  • Steel
  • Bottles/glass
  • Aluminum

These bins are provided so that various waste items can be adequately separated and sorted for recycling or disposal. In addition, there are certain items which should not be disposed of in these waste bins. For instance, although steel is sorted and recycled, steel that is inadvertently introduced to the waste incinerator through general waste can cause significant damage and delays to the processing of rubbish.

As such, the following items should not be disposed of in any of the bins provided by AIG:

  • Animal carcasses (For disposal of animal carcasses, such as sheep, please contact the AIG Help Desk using code RPLT 36. If outside of working hours please dispose of these in the fish carcass area of One Boat Dump)
  • Car parts (e.g. radiators, car batteries, filters etc.)
  • Reinforcement bar, steel and metal
  • Wire
  • Nuts and bolts
  • Toxic products
  • Plastic (bulk)
  • Wood
  • Paint cans
  • Cutlery, saucepans and chinaware

If members of the public have rubbish that they are unable to dispose of at One Boat dump, it may be left alongside the bins for collection by the AIG Waste Management Team.

Members of the public are encouraged to ensure that this guidance is followed to enable appropriate sorting and recycling of refuse, as well as to avoid introducing potentially damaging objects to the One Boat waste incinerator.

Operations and Facilities Directorate

26 May 2021