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Draft Policy Regulating Employment in Ascension

4 February 2021

Council, Government

Consultation to end on 15 February 2021

A period of public consultation on a draft policy on regulation of employment in Ascension began on 19 January 2021.  This four week consultation is due to end on 15 February 2021 and as such the public are encouraged to submit any responses to this consultation ahead of this deadline.

This is the first significant attempt at reform of employment regulation since the introduction of the Workman’s Protection Ordinance, 1926 (WPO). As can be expected, the WPO is outdated, no longer reflects the reality of employment in Ascension, and has a number of limitations and shortcomings. Taken in combination, this results in lack of clarity within the employment market, leading to undesirable outcomes for both employees and employers.

The new draft policy proposes a number of policy options by which to address shortcomings identified in the employment market in order that Ascension has a modern framework of employment regulation which works effectively for both employees and employers.

Copies of the policy are available from the Administrator’s Office in Georgetown, or on the AIG website at This is not a final policy document and it will be subject to further refinement in response to feedback provided during this consultation.

Responses to this consultation should be submitted by email to no later than Monday 15 February 2021.

Once responses have been received and considered, further amendments may be made to the policy before it is taken before the Island Council of Ascension for consideration and a recommendation for approval to the Governor sought. If recommended to the Governor, AIG will then begin the process of developing legislation to implement the approved policy later in the year.

AIG encourage all members of the public to familiarise themselves with the policy and provide feedback during this consultation period.

This will be the first major reform of employment regulation in Ascension for over 90 years and provides an opportunity for members of the public to have their views and concerns reflected in the future regulatory framework.