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Global Human Rights Sanction Regime

12 August 2020


On 21 July 2020 the UK Privy Council passed the Global Human Rights Sanctions (Overseas Territories) Order 2020, which came into effect on 22 July 2020. This order, made under the Sanctions and Anti-Money Laundering Act 2018, extends a modified version of the Global Human Rights Sanctions Regulations 2020 to Ascension and the other Overseas Territories.

The UK Global Human Rights Sanctions Regime provides the UK government with the ability to implement sanctions measures in order to deter individuals from committing serious human rights violations or abuses on behalf of a State, whilst also allowing those who do commit such actions to be held to account.

The UK government champions human rights, good governance and the rule of law. Successfully deterring violations and abuses of human rights will improve the safety of individuals and societies at risk and avoid the devastating impact that such actions have.

The two principal sanctions measures available under the regime are asset-freezing and travel bans. Under an asset-freeze, any assets that a designated person holds within the UK or any Overseas Territory or Crown Dependency will be frozen so that they are unable to access these. Under a travel ban, a designated person will be prevented from entering the UK or any Overseas Territory or Crown Dependency.

These measures have been extended to the Overseas Territories and Crown Dependencies in order to reduce the ability of persons affected by the sanctions regime to circumvent it and to minimise the risk of asset-flight.

The Order may be viewed online at the following address