Ascension Island Government

The Administrator

Simon Minshull

Administrator of Ascension Island

Simon Minshull

The Role of Administrator

His Honour the Administrator is appointed by the Governor to represent them on Ascension and conduct business on their behalf. They are the head of the Ascension Island Government and an ex-officio member of the Island Council. The role has existed since 1964 when the first UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) official was appointed to the position.

The Administrator is at the same time His Majesty’s Representative, the Governor’s Representative and the UK Government’s Senior Representative on Ascension Island. They are the head of the Ascension Island Government and chairperson, in the Governor's absence, of the Ascension Island Council.

As head of the Ascension Island Government the Administrator is responsible for ensuring good governance of the territory for the general public and the major ‘users’ of Ascension Island. These are the US Air Force, the UK Ministry of Defence, the Composite Signals Organisation, the BBC and Sure South Atlantic.


The Administrator of Ascension Island is His Honour Simon Minshull. Simon was sworn in as the 26th Administrator of Ascension Island on 02 November 2022.

Simon joined the FCDO in 1988 and has held varied roles, including consular, operational, immigration, policy and project management. Simon’s most recent assignment was as Deputy and then Acting High Commissioner in Nuku’alofa, Tonga. Prior to that he was Head of Operations for the FCDO’s Asia Pacific Director. Simon has previously served in Iran, Pakistan, Iceland, Barbados and Russia as well as roles in London.