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Increase in Littering

27 May 2021


Increase in Littering

Regrettably, it has been noted by both AIG and members of the community that there has been a general increase in littering around the island, particularly so at weekends and over public holidays.

A high number of glasses, bottles and cans are being found discarded around the pierhead, including many which have been smashed and left as broken glass. Whilst it is appreciated that the new shelter on the pier has proven popular AIG encourage all members of the public to dispose of their waste in the bins provided.

An increase in broken glass at both the MUGA and playground in Two Boats has also been observed. These are facilities used by families and should be safe for children to access without risk of unnecessary and avoidable injury due to the actions of others. Whilst adults are able to remove broken glass carefully and safely, when spotted, this is not the case for young children. Fortunately no incidents of injury have yet been reported despite the negligent actions of other members of the public.

As well as this an increase in dog mess has been noted around Georgetown. Dog owners are asked to act responsibly when walking and exercising their dogs, and ensure that any mess is picked up and disposed of in a waste bin.

Littering and the associated issue of broken glass issue affect all members of the public. Whilst it is expected individuals will act responsibly, it should be noted that littering carries a fine of £100 under the Litter Ordinance 1971.


AIG Operations and Facilities Directorate

18 May 2021