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Inshore Fisheries Management Consultation

9 December 2022

Conservation, Government

Do you fish around Ascension and care about the marine environment?

We need to hear from you!


AIG have been developing a system to protect and manage our inshore fisheries. In April 2021, we consulted on a strategy that aimed to secure the long-term health of fish stocks and ensure people could enjoy fishing around Ascension for generations to come.  Since then we have been working with the Ascension Island Council to incorporate the responses we received and to consider in more detail how the strategy would work in practice.

We now have an updated strategy and two draft policies describing how it will be implemented.  Copies of these can be found on the Ascension Island Government Website.

Draft Policy on Inshore Fisheries Management Measures:

Draft Policy on Inshore Fisheries registration and Licencing :

Inshore Fisheries Strategy:

We want to share these documents with the island community and hear the views of everyone on Ascension, especially those who fish.  We’ll be holding two public meetings at:

Courthouse, Georgetown – Tuesday 13 December, 19:00

Two Boats Club – Thursday 12 January, 19:00

Please come along to hear more about the policies and to have your say.  Alternatively, please contact us with your views on 66403 or email