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22 January 2024

Government, Press Release

Business Opportunity

Clarence House – Accommodation Rental

Background: The AIG has assessed the private accommodation needs for visitors with a connection to the island and those in transit.  The AIG has identified that the number of transit passengers between the Falkland Islands and St Helena means there is a demand that exceeds the current availability for guest house accommodation on Ascension Island.

The property registered as Clarence House in Georgetown is being made available as a guest house business opportunity.

Information and instruction for tenderers: The Clarence House property includes eleven large rooms, each with an attached bathroom. There are also two kitchens - one small and one large, two storage rooms and a spacious backyard that can be used as a communal space. The rooms require some renovation and new furnishings, although some existing items can still be used. The property will be offered in its current condition and will attract an annual land occupancy fee, to be paid monthly plus annual property tax – these charges will only apply once the renovation work has been completed.

There is no living accommodation attached to this business opportunity and the property is therefore only suited to persons already based on Ascension Island.

Enquiries are welcomed from anyone seeking further information regarding the property and should be directed to the Deputy Director of Resources, Catherine Leo on telephone no. 67000 ext 1121, or through email Site visits can also be organised. Tenders, including a detailed business plan which includes renovation plans and timescales, should be submitted to the AIG Tender Board by no later than 09 February 2024. Business plan templates can be provided on request, if required.

Please be advised that the Board does not bind itself to accept any tender, nor will it assign any reason for the rejection of a tender.