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Island Council Election Results

27 September 2019

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On 26 September 2019 a general election of the Island Council was held. This followed the dissolution of the previous Council on 01 September 2019, in accordance with the Island Government (Ascension) Ordinance 2008.

Seven candidates ran for five available Councillor positions, with electors being permitted to cast up to five votes each. Of 518 registered electors 150 electors cast 498 votes, casting their ballots as follows:

Name of Candidate Total number of votes cast Percentage (rounded to nearest whole figure)
Katharyn Sarah Chadwick 73 15%
Andrew Robert Ellick 68 14%
Keturah Viola George (Kitty) 105 21%
Kristopher Edward Hall 60 12%
Andrew Cansfield Hobson 64 13%
Iain Courtney Lamb 45 9%
Alan Herbert Nicholls 83 17%

In accordance with the number of votes cast the following persons have been duly elected to serve on the island Council:

Name of Candidate
Katharyn Sarah Chadwick
Andrew Robert Ellick
Keturah Viola George (Kitty)
Andrew Cansfield Hobson
Alan Herbert Nicholls


The Council met formally for the first time at 12:15 today, 27 September 2019, where Councillors were sworn in.

Regular business will now resume in the coming weeks. Members of the public are reminded that they are free to attend formal meetings of the Council, which occur on average every six weeks, the next of which is proposed to fall on 07 November 2019.