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Island Council Election Results

5 April 2024

Government, Press Release

On 14 March 2024 a by-election was held to appoint one new elected member to the Island Council.

Four candidates ran for one available Councillor position, with electors being permitted to cast only one vote each. Of 561 registered electors 150 electors cast 150 valid votes, casting their ballots as follows:

Name of Candidate Total number of votes cast Percentage (rounded to nearest whole figure)
Sunitha Kay AMOS 24 16%
Matthew John LYNCH 16 11%
Georgina Alice WILSON 34 23%
Gordon WORTHINGTON 76 51%

In accordance with the number of votes cast the following person has been duly elected to serve on the island Council:

Name of Candidate

As per s23(3) of the Island Government (Ascension) Ordinance 2008 these results have been published by certificate in the St Helena Gazette, the official notice board in the foyer of the AIG administration building and also in the Islander.

Councillor elect Gordon Worthington was sworn in at the Court House in Georgetown on Friday 15 March 2024. 

Members of the public are reminded that they are free to attend formal meetings of the Council, which occur on average every six weeks.