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Maritime Safety Training for MITIE Staff

8 May 2024


AIG is pleased to announce the successful completion of a Maritime Emergency Safety course tailored for MITIE staff members who operate safety boats during pipeline operations. The training, delivered by the AIG Sea & Land Rescue team, exemplifies our collaborative "One Island Vision" approach by equipping staff with the necessary skills to effectively manage emergency situations at sea.

Over the period from December 2023 to May 2024, three five-day courses were conducted, benefiting a total of 11 candidates. All participants successfully passed the course, demonstrating their proficiency in a comprehensive suite of maritime safety procedures.

Course Highlights:

  • E-Learning Component: Conducted by the International Maritime Rescue Federation (IMRF), the Basic Rescue Boat Operator course was delivered as a one-day online session.
  • Theory Classroom Sessions: Topics covered included Personal Protective Equipment, safety checklists, Man Overboard and Pyrotechnics, Abandon Ship procedures, basics of navigation, and VHF Radio communications, among others.
  • Practical Sea Sessions: Candidates engaged in hands-on training that included In-Water survival techniques, launch and recovery procedures, towing, and patient Medevac operations.
  • Assessment: Participants were evaluated through written exams and practical assessments to ensure a thorough understanding and application of the course material.