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New AIG E-visa system. Questions & Answers

23 May 2018



Why the change?

The new system is more efficient and more secure than the previous paper-based system. It is intuitive and user-friendly and will offer a better service to those wishing to travel to Ascension.

How does this E-visa system differ from the previous system?

This new system is online, you will need to register your email and a password at the start of the application, which is then completed electronically. The online system will take you through the questions step-by-step without need to access a printer.

Will I need to submit a photograph at the time of application?

Yes, a photo attachment clearly showing your face will be required – this adds a level of security to the system which was previously lacking. The photo will not need to be a passport photo.

What if I don’t have the relevant information to hand during the application process?

Once you’ve registered your email and a password you can return to your application at a later date to continue and finish.

Which types of visa can be applied for online?

All seven types of Ascension Island visa can be applied for online

-          Tourist -          Contractor (A, B, C)
-          Single/Double Transit -          Employment
-          Business (Short Term/Long Term) -          Employment – Dependent & accomp family
-          Scientific/Research



Can payment be made on arrival at Ascension?

Payment must be made in advance at the time of application or soon after. No visa application will be assessed without confirmation of payment.

Why can’t payment be made on arrival?

The E-visa system is designed to be easy to use for the applicant and to take the visa payment so that the whole process is completed in one place - this is now in line with all pre-assessed visa regimes around the world.

What are the methods of payment?

There are two ways to pay for your visa:

Using a bank or credit card via the secure Sagepay service at the end of the application process.

Or. via bank transfer to AIG’s Bank of Saint Helena account, or UK Lloyd’s bank account – payment references and date need to be added, the transfer will must be made soon after – the visa will not be processed until payment is confirmed by AIG.

Have the visa prices changed?

The prices remain the same.

Are visas issued via the previous system still valid for use?

Yes, previously issued visas can still be used if still valid.

Are there any new visa requirements, or have any visa requirements changed?

Ascension Island’s Entry Control guidelines, rules and requirements have not changed, only the method by which a visa is applied for.

Is there a list of FAQs on the E-visa system?

For more information visit

What are the contact details for further information?

Via the website: