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New Lay Advocate Appointed

28 January 2020

Press Release

On 21 January 2020 the Public Solicitor, with approval of the Governor, appointed Siobhan Stewart a Lay Advocate for Ascension. Siobhan Stewart joins Hilary Price and Kevin Hudson as appointed Ascension Island Lay Advocates.

In recognition that individuals have a right to legal assistance in times of need, and in consideration of Ascension’s specific circumstances, the Lay Advocates Ordinance 2007 provides for the appointment of Lay Advocates.

Under the supervision of the Public Solicitor’s office the advocates provide advice and support to people on Ascension in legal matters, both civil and criminal. As such Lay Advocates are trained and assisted by the Public Solicitor’s office in the execution of their duties, and are entirely independent of AIG.

For those who would like to understand more about the work of the Lay Advocates, or to discuss a matter of concern with them, please contact the Lay Advocates directly by telephone through the below details:

Kevin Hudson 64612
Hilary Price 64641
Siobhan Stewart 64682