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Public Consultation on the expansion of conservation protected areas

23 May 2023

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Nature Reserves and National Parks play a crucial role in protecting Ascension’s unique wildlife and plants.  As part of a global effort to increase the coverage of Protected Areas, the AIG Conservation Team have identified three potential new Nature Reserves and extensions to two existing Nature Reserves that would make our Protected Area network more effective and comprehensive.  These are in remote areas away from the settlements and should have little impact on people.

Protected Areas only protect our biodiversity if they are well managed.  AIG Conservation has produced draft management plans for our existing Nature Reserves and Green Mountain National Park.  These set out what the objectives are for the areas and the actions we will take to achieve these.

The policy proposing the expansions and draft management plans can be found on the AIG website

We will also be holding two public meetings to discuss the proposed expansion and management plans at 19:00 on 31 May at the Saints Club and 19:00 on 07 June at Two Boats Club.  Everyone is welcome to come along to find out more and discuss the plans.

The consultation will run until 19 June.  If you have any questions or comments, please email, call 66403 or drop into the Conservation Office.