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Concerns raised over dumping of vehicles at Cuba

During the weekend I received a complaint from a rather angry constituent regarding the dumping/abandoning of vehicles behind the Georgetown area known as Cuba. To make matters worse, it would appear that AIG is also involved with dumping vehicles in this area, as an AIG employee was recently seen to convey two vehicles to the area and left them there.


Although I wasn't unduly concerned about the vehicles being in the area (they are located immediately behind our residence), I became concerned when the complainant stated that abandoned vehicles encourages rodents in the area, as apparently they like to use abandoned vehicles as nesting places.


In view of the above, it would be appreciated if I could be informed why AIG has seen fit to dump two, obviously abandoned, vehicles in the area in question and what action, if any, is going to be taken to remove all of the vehicles from the area to alleviate any possible rodent problems.


In the longer term, could we possible have a policy/law to deal with abandoning of vehicles. I am of the view that there should be penalties for departing the island and leaving behind abandoned vehicles - they should be properly disposed off prior to departure. Rotting vehicles outside of homes are also an eyesore - this should also be covered by policy.


It is correct that an A I G employee acting under instruction moved a vehicle form the old Motel area to the back of Cuba where several other vehicles are parked.  Unfortunately the back of Cuba seems to have become the default area for leaving vehicles out of sight and needs to be addressed along with the issues around scrap and derelict vehicles as a whole.  I shall give instruction that no A I G staff member is to officially deposit a vehicle in residential areas.

The keeping of scrap vehicles for spares and the long term carrying out of repairs and retention of off the road vehicles around properties and waste land areas in and around both Georgetown and Two Boats, as well as the Hobby Park is a perennial problem.  Whilst I believe attempts to draw up a process or policy on ‘End of vehicle Life’ formed part of the Waste Management Project under Mike Hayworth some couple of years ago, matters were never finalised.  There is therefore no clear established process or procedure for disposal of vehicles despite the fact that we would like all scrap vehicles to be delivered to One Boat refuse area for crushing.

Councillor Nicholls

Submitted: 8 February 2021

Response: 18 February 2021