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CEF 04 2024 – Telecommunications

What is the current update with the Starlink residential licence.

Has the regulatory authority licence been issued to Starlink? If not, why not? Also, when will it happen?

The public including myself was curious to know what the current situation is for this.

Once this licence has been issued then residents on the island will be able to apply for residential packages with Starlink. This will benefit the residents hugely, as this will be a massive decrease in payment (roughly £1500.00 per year). Also considering Ascension’s minimum wage and the high cost of living.

Is this a priority for AIG? Is it a priority of the community.





AIG Response: 

The Ascension Island Government’s (AIG) consultation on Telecommunications remains ongoing.

The AIG is negotiating with Sure in an effort to ensure continuity of essential services, this extends beyond broadband.  The time horizon being considered is currently two years.  If successful, it will result in the need for compromise by all parties.  How AIG will proceed if compromise cannot be secured is presently uncertain.  Councillors and the community will be consulted when/if we have an outline agreement with Sure.  AIG is committed to providing clarity as soon as possible.

No operating licence for Ascension has been applied for by SpaceX for the provision of Starlink under the Telecommunications Ordinance, 1997. SpaceX have indicated to the AIG that a new Ordinance and regulatory regime will need to be in place before the company decides whether to seek a licence to operate in Ascension.   As set out by the AIG in last year’s public consultation, the cost of a Starlink residential package in one territory does not guarantee the cost in another.

Completion of the new regulatory regime for telecommunications remains a priority for the AIG, as does ensuring the continuity of essential services which include land-line telephone and broadband services, radio communications, the “999” service, and the mobile telephone network.


Councillor Kyla Benjamin

Submitted: 25 January 2024

Response: 30 January 2024