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CEF 08 2024 – Broadband Internet

It is well known that there will be a soon increase in Starlink payments, starting from August 2024. Which will increase from £200 to £380 per month.

I have been approached by members of the public requesting information on the progress of the far more affordable residential package, and as possible timeline when this will take effect.

If this information and clarification could be published in a public notice so all members of the public are aware, that would be great.



AIG Response: 

The Ascension Island Government (AIG) has been and remains actively involved in negotiations about the provision and infrastructure of telecommunications on Ascension Island, including efforts to facilitate improved and more affordable broadband packages.

The AIG is aware of the financial pressures the price increases recently announced by Starlink to their global roaming package may cause. The AIG will provide Councillors and the public with an update on its ongoing negotiations in the coming weeks.


Councillor Kyla Benjamin

Submitted: 21 May 2024

Response: 31 May 2024