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CEF 09-2021 Health Check up for Feral Animals



Would it be possible that if the vet were to visit Ascension Island, they can perform health checks on some of the feral sheep and donkeys also?


How would this be funded?



The feral sheep and donkeys found in Ascension are remnants of the island’s past. AIG does not generally accept any responsibility for these animals or the consequences of their presence on island, and is not funded to provide for their health and wellbeing.


Even if AIG were to accept responsibility for these animals, feral animals are inherently unpredictable and as such can pose a greater danger to e.g. medical or veterinary staff than a domesticated animal. As such, AIG would not wish to place a member of staff in such a position by providing care to these animals.


At present AIG is content to provide resources to humanely destroy feral animals when they are ill, injured or incapacitated. Were AIG to reconsider this position, taking active responsibility for the feral animal populations in Ascension could result in an on-going and potentially substantial liability on limited public funds, which AIG is not resourced to fulfil.




Councillor George

Submitted: 3 September 2021

Response: 30 September 2021