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Will it be possible for AIG to provide financial support to any business or organisation adversely impacted by the imposition of temporary coronavirus regulations?

AIG is currently working hard – with the support of various businesses and organisations on island – to continue to put in place measures to prevent the arrival and spread of COVID-19 on Ascension, and to ensure that as close to normal life can continue in the meantime.


In the event that these measures are not successful, then AIG has the power under the Public Health (Coronavirus)(Temporary Provisions) Regulations, 2020 to take further, proportionate steps to control the on-island spread of COVID-19. These powers include powers to prohibit or restrict events and gatherings, and to restrict access to or to close public places including retail outlets, clubs and bars. Any decision to exercise those powers will be made by the Administrator on the advice of the Senior Medical Officer.


Where a decision to restrict access to or to close a public place directly affects a local business, that decision will be made in consultation with the business, and the measure will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it only remains in place for as long as is deemed necessary. These safeguards are designed to ensure that the impact on local businesses is no greater than is necessary to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


In the event that such measures become necessary, AIG will consider what steps it can take to support local businesses that are directly affected.

Councillor Hobson

Submitted: 10 April 2020

Response: 23 April 2020