Ascension Island Government

About Biosecurity

Biosecurity regulations are in place to reduce the risk of new species arriving in Ascension that could negatively affect public health, the environment and the economy. Ascension Island is a unique and special place and with everyone’s help it can be safeguarded.

This webpage provides guidance for people travelling or importing goods to Ascension Island. Import Health Standards (IHSs) are biosecurity requirements that certain items must meet before they can be imported. Some higher risk articles may also need a licence to be imported. For a breakdown of which imports require extra measures, visit the Requirements tab. The Documentation tab contains all the documents you will need to understand and comply with the import requirements.

Incoming vessels and aircraft that intend to land cargo or baggage, or disembark passengers or crew, must meet the relevant specification and complete a declaration form prior to arrival. These can be found in the Documentation tab. Passengers will also be asked to fill out a personal biosecurity declaration when they arrive alongside the existing customs declaration. These forms will be provided upon arrival.

To find out more you can view Ascension Island’s biosecurity strategy and relevant biosecurity legislation.

To view biosecurity information for our sister Island of St Helena, visit their government website.