Ascension Island Government

Biosecurity Documentation

Import Health Standard (IHS) Guidelines and Licence Application Forms

Import Health Standards (IHSs) are biosecurity requirements that certain higher risk items must meet before they can be imported. Guidelines have been developed to accompany the relevant IHS and should be used in junction with each of these. If the consignment you are importing needs a licence (this will be stated in the IHS) an application must be filled out and a licence granted before shipment takes place.

Composts and peat

Fresh produce

Plant material

Rock, stone, sand, and pebbles

Sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, bark, straw, and hay

Shipping containers and wood packing material

Timber import guidelines

Vehicles, machinery, and tyres

Live animals
Guidelines / Licence Application

Live ornamental fish

Declaration Forms

The master of an incoming vessel or aircraft, who intends to land cargo or baggage, or to permit the disembarkation of passengers or crew members, requires biosecurity landing clearance in order to do so. These declarations are necessary to ensure compliance with protocols designed to reduce the biosecurity risk posed to Ascension by the arrival of a vessel or aircraft to an acceptable level.

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