Ascension Island Government

Flight Schedule

St Helena to Ascension

Flights from St Helena to Ascension take place on the second Saturday of every month, departing St Helena at 14:30 and arriving at Ascension at 16:30.

Ascension to St Helena

Flights from Ascension to St Helena take place on the second Sunday of every month, departing Ascension at 11:15 and arriving at St Helena at 13:15.

Check-in Times

Check-in time is two hours prior to the scheduled departure .

Onward Journeys

Individuals travelling between Ascension and other destinations will need to make a separate booking via an agent or directly with SA AirLink. For example, individuals flying to and from the UK will need to book their St Helena to Ascension leg with the Travel and Shipping office, the South Africa to St Helena leg with SA Airlink and the UK to South Africa leg with an airline of their choice.

Given air access is only available on a monthly basis, it is strongly recommended a layover of one night in South Africa be taken to account for any potential delays.

Please also be aware that during the winter months between June and October, high winds and poor visibility at St Helena may cause delays to the service. If flights are cancelled or delayed, passengers are liable for accommodation and subsistence.

Upon check-in in South Africa or St Helena passengers should be prepared to produce a copy of their contract of employment or entry permit, demonstrating their permission to enter Ascension. Failure to do so may result in boarding being refused.

There are strict rules and conditions for children travelling through South Africa. Passengers should therefore ensure children have the correct documentation with them. This documentation may include an unabridged birth certificate and a notarised permission from absent parents. Further information can be found on the SA Airlink website.