Ascension Island Government


Visa Requirements

All travellers to Ascension Island require an entry permit visa unless exempted by their occupation, such as active members of His Majesty’s Armed Forces. Failure to enter with a valid visa is an offence under the Entry Control (Ascension) Ordinance and may result in a fine and imprisonment. Individuals may also be refused permission to land and be required to leave on the aircraft or vessel that they arrived on.

Applications for entry visas should be made well in advance, at least 14 days before the intended date of travel, except in cases of genuine emergency. Late applications, without a valid reason, may be refused.

For more information please visit the Ascension Island Government e-visa application portal. Please note that a valid e-visa may only be purchased from AIG directly through the e-visa portal. No third party firms are permitted to handle e-visa applications. Any firm claiming to do so should be considered fraudulent and reported to AIG.

For details of the immigration requirements of St Helena please visit the St Helena government website.


Ascension Island has lifted its coronavirus travel restrictions; there is no requirement to undertake testing nor quarantine on arrival.

Category of arrival





Vaccinated individuals




Vaccinated households of four or less persons




Unvaccinated individuals



Unvaccinated, and mixed, households or bubbles of four or less persons




Vaccinated bubbles of six or less persons



Unvaccinated, and mixed, bubbles of more than four persons




Vaccination is defined as an individual (aged 12 years or older) who has received double doses of a UK, USA or EU approved vaccine (with four weeks having elapsed since they received their second dose). Where an individual has received their second dose more than nine months ago, they must also have received an additional “booster” vaccination within the last six months.

During this time their conditions are monitored for the development of symptoms which may be considered consistent with COVID-19. Air crews are also required to isolate for the duration of their stay on island.

More information on requirements for compulsory isolation on arrival can be found here.

Areas currently defined as being an infected area are listed here.

Passport Requirements

All travellers to Ascension Island must hold a valid passport with at least six months validity from the date of entry.

Insurance Requirements

All travellers to Ascension Island must provide proof of adequate travel and medical insurance for the duration of their stay. Medical Insurance must include the possibility of emergency air evacuation and provide cover for COVID-19. The St Helena Police Ascension Island Detachment can provide more information on acceptable insurance policies.