Ascension Island Government

Laws of Ascension

The islands of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha comprise three internally self-governing territories under the umbrella of a single Overseas Territories of the United Kingdom. Each territory has a separate legal system, but each of them is intricately bound to the other two.

Ascension was formerly a Dependency of St Helena. However, under the 2009 Constitution it became a separate Territory, albeit with the same Governor, Chief Justice, Supreme Court and Attorney General as St Helena.

Ascension has its own legislature, which consists of the Governor acting after consultation with the Island Council (section 151 of the Constitution) and makes its own laws, although many of the laws of St Helena also apply (if suitable and not contrary to other applicable laws) as may some of the laws of the United Kingdom.

The website of the Attorney General of St Helena hosts a list of laws of Ascension as well as a general introduction to the legal system of Ascension.

For enquiries on legal matters individuals should contact the AIG Crown Counsel.