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Travel to Ascension by Air

Flights to and from St Helena

Wideawake Airfield (ASI / FHAW) is a military airfield operated jointly by the USAF and the RAF. For information relating to airfield operations please contact AIB Operations. Under the terms of an international agreement between the UK and US governments, only state aircraft (e.g. military and diplomatic flights) are authorised to land at Ascension.

As an exception to this general rule, Wideawake Airfield is open for domestic commercial air services between Ascension and St Helena. It is closed to all other commercial and privately owned aircraft except in emergency situations.

It is possible to travel to Ascension Island via St Helena by a monthly charter service operated by SA AirLink. This operates as an extension of the regular SA Airlink service between South Africa and St Helena.

If you have a contract of employment on the island your employer will handle all aspects of your travel to Ascension. If you are a visitor or tourist you may request to book a seat on the charter service. The AIG Travel and Shipping office manage all booking requests for this service. Visitors and tourists should note that no travel may be arranged without confirmation that a valid entry permit has been issued.

There are currently no direct Ascension flights to or from the UK due to the temporary suspension of the Ministry of Defence operated south Atlantic Airbridge.


In recognition of the threat posed by COVID-19, new procedures have been implemented to ensure that arrivals by air can be managed effectively and the risk that these pose to the community is reduced to the lowest level possible under the circumstances.

In order to ensure that the island and our community is not being placed at unnecessary risk, all arrivals that have travelled from an affected area within the last 14 days, or travelled with others who have been in an affected area in the last 14 days, are subject to isolation restrictions for between eight and 14 days following their arrival at Ascension based on the category of compulsory isolation they are required to observe.

Category of arrival





Vaccinated individuals




Vaccinated households of four or less persons




Unvaccinated individuals



Unvaccinated, and mixed, households or bubbles of four or less persons




Vaccinated bubbles of six or less persons



Unvaccinated, and mixed, bubbles of more than four persons




During this time their conditions are monitored for the development of symptoms which may be considered consistent with COVID-19. Air crews are also required to isolate for the duration of their stay on island.

More information on requirements for compulsory isolation on arrival can be found here.

Areas currently defined as being an infected area are listed here.