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Titan Charter Inter-island Schedule Confirmed

2 July 2021

Travel and Shipping

Flight dates confirmed until March 2022

Further to last weeks’ notice from St Helena Government, AIG is now pleased to announce that flights between Ascension and St Helena have been confirmed for the following dates:

Tuesday 07 September 2021
Wednesday 08 September 2021
Tuesday 19 October 2021
Tuesday 09 November 2021
Tuesday 30 November 2021
Wednesday 05 January 2022
Tuesday 25 January 2022
Saturday 05 February 2022
Tuesday 08 March 2022
Tuesday 29 March 2022

As has been the case since the Titan charter service has been in operation, all inter-island services will take place on the same day.

Bookings for flights from September 2021 onwards will open from Tuesday 06 July and where applicable should be made through your employer. Booking forms can be acquired through your employer or alternatively by email from

Ticket prices will increase to £600 per leg for the inter-island service between Ascension and St Helena. Full payment of the ticket price is required six weeks prior to the initial flight date to ensure confirmation of any seats booked. If payment is not made by this time then the reservation will be void.

It should be noted that Titan will no longer be providing in-flight refreshments for the St Helena to Ascension service. However, refreshments will still be provided for the Ascension to St Helena service.

Whilst AIG will try to accommodate all requests for flight bookings, the current payload restrictions on flights as a result of the ongoing Wideawake runway reconstruction works will inevitably lead to demand outweighing seats available on some services. As such, AIG encourage prospective passengers to submit booking requests as early as possible to help manage demand.

Due to the aforementioned payload limitations on flights, regretfully at this point AIG is unable to consider bookings for tourists or visitors on the inter-island service.

Agreement has also been secured for the option of a second inter-island service running the day after each confirmed flight should demand make the additional flights economically feasible. As such, anyone arranging onward travel from the UK should be mindful of the chance that flight dates might alter slightly, as well as of the possibility of weather related delays, when making bookings. AIG will not be held liable for any costs incurred by individuals were flight dates to change as a result of an additional inter-island service taking place.

Anyone wishing to reserve seats for onward travel from St Helena to the UK should register their request through

Passengers travelling from the UK to Ascension and transiting St Helena should be aware that the Bradleys Camp facility will no longer be available for use. As such, alternative accommodation arrangements will need to be made by passengers. A list of properties available for use as transit quarantine is available through