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Travel to Ascension by Air

Flights to and from St Helena

Wideawake Airfield (ASI / FHAW) is a military airfield operated jointly by the USAF and the RAF. For information relating to airfield operations please contact AIB Operations. Under the terms of an international agreement between the UK and US governments, only state aircraft (e.g. military and diplomatic flights) are authorised to land at Ascension.

As an exception to this general rule, Wideawake Airfield is open for domestic commercial air services between Ascension and St Helena. It is closed to all other commercial and privately owned aircraft except in emergency situations.

It is possible to travel to Ascension Island via St Helena by a monthly charter service operated by AirLink. This operates as an extension of the regular Airlink service between South Africa and St Helena.

If you have a contract of employment on the island your employer will handle all aspects of your travel to Ascension. If you are a visitor or tourist you may request to book a seat on the charter service. The AIG Travel and Shipping office manage all booking requests for this service. Visitors and tourists should note that no travel may be arranged without confirmation that a valid entry permit has been issued.

There are currently no direct Ascension flights to or from the UK due to the temporary suspension of the Ministry of Defence operated south Atlantic Airbridge.


Ascension Island has lifted its coronavirus travel restrictions; there is no requirement to undertake testing nor quarantine on arrival.

Proof of Vaccination Status

You do not need to present proof that you have been fully vaccinated to enter Ascension.

St Helena to Ascension

Flights from St Helena to Ascension take place monthly, departing St Helena at 14:30 and arriving at Ascension at 16:30.

Ascension to St Helena

Flights from Ascension to St Helena take place on the following day, departing Ascension at 11:15 and arriving at St Helena at 13:15.

Check-in Times

Check-in time is two hours prior to the scheduled departure .

Onward Journeys

Individuals travelling between Ascension and other destinations will need to make a separate booking via an agent or directly with AirLink. For example, individuals flying to and from the UK will need to book their St Helena to Ascension leg with the Travel and Shipping office, the South Africa to St Helena leg with Airlink and the UK to South Africa leg with an airline of their choice.

Given air access is only available on a monthly basis, it is strongly recommended a layover of one night in South Africa be taken to account for any potential delays.

Please also be aware that during the winter months between June and October, high winds and poor visibility at St Helena may cause delays to the service. If flights are cancelled or delayed, passengers are liable for accommodation and subsistence.

Upon check-in in South Africa or St Helena passengers should be prepared to produce a copy of their contract of employment or entry permit, demonstrating their permission to enter Ascension. Failure to do so may result in boarding being refused.

There are strict rules and conditions for children travelling through South Africa. Passengers should therefore ensure children have the correct documentation with them. This documentation may include an unabridged birth certificate and a notarised permission from absent parents. Further information can be found on the Airlink website.

The fares shown below are inclusive of all taxes* payable to St Helena Government.

Adult Fares

Return - £845.00 (£728 airfare + £117 tax)
Single (ASI - HLE) - £415.00 (£365 airfare + £50 tax)
Single (HLE - ASI) - £430.00 (£363 airfare + £67 tax)

Child Fares

Return - £836.50 (£728 airfare + £108.50 tax)
Single (ASI-HLE) - £415.00 (£365 airfare + £50 tax)
Single (HLE-ASI) - £421.50 (£363 airfare + £58.50 tax)

Infants and children under two years of age travel free of charge.

* taxes include an Essential Infrastructure Charge of £50 per passenger per journey and a Departure Tax of £17 per adult/£8.50 per child (aged between 2-12 years old), levied on St Helena.

Hold Baggage

Visitors and Tourists are permitted to check in a maximum of 20kg of hold baggage.
Entitled employees are permitted to check in a maximum of 30Kg of hold baggage.

Cabin Baggage

Passengers will also be permitted to take one piece of cabin baggage which should weigh no more than 8kg.

Excess Baggage

Baggage allowances must be strictly adhered to. Excess baggage charges may apply if these limits are exceeded, however there is no guarantee that any excess baggage will be carried on the same flight, and may follow on a later flight, at the passenger’s expense.

Conditions of Carriage

SA Airlink rules and regulations apply for what is permissible to carry on flights between Ascension and St Helena. Please visit the SA Airlink website for details.

When can tickets be booked?

The air service is a charter service paid for by employers operating on Ascension Island. Priority is therefore given to the employers to ensure their staff are able to travel to and from the island. Remaining seats will be released for sale to the general public three months before the date of departure of each flight. As such the majority of requests for bookings will be confirmed within three months prior to the date of departure. For flights either side of the Christmas season, bookings will be confirmed within eight weeks of the date of departure.

Tickets may be booked up until 13:00 (GMT) on the Thursday preceding the weekend of the scheduled flight. Ticket bookings received after this time will not be processed for travel. Passengers are advised to book as far in advance as possible.

How to Book Tickets

There is no online booking system for tickets. Visitor tickets can only be booked through the AIG Travel and Shipping office.

All visitors and tourists must be issued an entry permit prior to travel.

You must have a minimum of six months validity on your passport upon arrival to be granted entry to Ascension Island.

To book tickets you will need to complete a Flight Booking Form and email this to the AIG Travel and Shipping office.


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