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World Drowning Prevention Day – 25 July

25 July 2023

Government, Press Release


The Ascension Island Government (AIG) is pleased to acknowledge the World Health Organisation's initiative, World Drowning Prevention Day, which falls on 25 July 2023. This global campaign strives to reduce the alarming number of drownings that occur worldwide.

Our local Sea & Land Rescue Service is leading a supportive campaign on Ascension Island. They have coordinated a series of presentations involving various island organisations and departments to increase awareness around drowning risks and prevention methods. These presentations encompass essential information, such as identifying and mitigating risks that lead to drowning, the correct use of on-island bystander-rescue equipment, and the available emergency service resources.

The campaign has received a positive response from numerous organisations, and additional presentations are scheduled for the coming week. Furthermore, we are engaging our younger generation in this critical cause. A recent session at our local school involved a discussion on water safety, coupled with a showcase of the JetRIB.

For more information about the World Drowning Prevention Day, please reach out to our Sea & Land Rescue Services or visit the designated WHO link.