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Shark Forum Meeting Note

Limited Effluent Water Delivery Schedule

Formal Meeting of the Ascension Island Council 10 June 2021

Informal Council Meeting Summary

Forum to Discuss Sharks around Ascension Island

Increase in Littering

Effluent Water Deliveries Temporarily Suspended

Disposal of Domestic Waste

IDAHOBIT Marked in Ascension

Formal meeting of the Ascension Island Council 22 April 2021 Minutes

Inshore Fisheries Strategy Consultation Drop-In

Effluent Water Availability – Ascension Day Public Holiday Delivery Schedule

Temporary Closure of Green Mountain Road [Saturday 08 May 2021]

Informal Meeting of the Ascension Island Council 13 Apr 2021

Ascension Island Government Call out Rota





ASC 95th Birthday of her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II – Mint Set

COVID-19 Response Level Reduced to Level 1 AMBER

Red-footed Booby

Inshore Fisheries Management Strategy

Brown Noddy

Shark Awareness – Report of recent shark incident at Comfortless Cove

COVID-19 Response Level Escalated to Level 2 RED

Vehicle Document Checks

Inshore Fisheries Strategy Consultation

Shark Awareness and Water Safety

Memorial Service for His Royal Highness, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

His Royal Highness Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1921-2021

Consultation on inshore fisheries launched

Formal Council meeting 11 March 2021

COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Continues

Nature Notes – Brown Spiny Lobster

Formal Finance Committee Minutes 05 Feb 21

Formal Council meeting minutes 01 Mar 2021

Ascension Agrees Travel Corridor to St Helena

Public Notice – Draft Policy regarding Employment in Ascension

Policy on the Regulation of Employment in Ascension

Government Response to Consultation – Policy on the Regulation of Employment in Ascension

Douglas Miller

Nicholas John

Informal Ascension Island Council meeting summary 25 Feb 2021

New Justice of the Peace Appointed

Island Council By-Election Results – 04 March 2021

Formal meeting of the Ascension Island Council Finance Committee 11 Feb 2021

Nature Notes – Ascension’s Mosses

Minutes of Formal meeting of the Ascension Island Council 05 February 2021

Public COVID-19 Vaccinations Begin

COVID-19 Vaccination Campaign Begins

COVID-19 Vaccine Arrives at Ascension

COVID-19 Vaccine Campaign Strategy

Ascension Island Radio Communications Restored

COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy Public Meeting

Draft Policy Regulating Employment in Ascension

Nature Notes – Ascension Lily

Informal Council Summary 14 Jan 2021

Ascension Island Radio Temporarily Out of Service

COVID-19 Vaccine Delivery Confirmed

Governor to Visit Ascension

Consultation on Policy Regulating Employment in Ascension

Policy on the Regulation of Employment in Ascension











Compulsory Isolation and Testing Policy Adapted

Administrator Resumes Duties

New COVID-19 Offences Introduced

COVID-19 Response Level Reduced to Level 1 AMBER


03 Dec 2020 Formal Council Meeting minutes

COVID-19 Response Level Escalated to Level 2 RED

Nature Notes – Ascension Frigatebird

Acting Administrator Sworn In

MPA Monitoring, Evaluation, and Research Strategy

New Coroners Appointed

New Justice of the Peace Appointed

Council Summary 12 November 2020

Joint Ministerial Council 2020 Concludes

Ascension Island Fisheries Compliance & Enforcement Strategy

MPA Financial Strategy 2021-2026

Joint Ministerial Council 2020

COVID-19 Response Level Reduced to Level 1 AMBER

Marine Protected Area Management Plan Consultation Begins

MPA Management Plan

MPA Management Plan Booklet

MPA Management Plan – A Plankton Sized Summary

Funded by UK Government

UK Government

UK Government


COVID-19 Response Level Escalated to Level 2 RED

Ascension Biosecurity Strategy 2020-2025

St Helena Government

Formal Council meeting on 15 October 2020

Informal meeting summary 01 Oct 2020

UK to Provide Overseas Territories with COVID-19 Vaccines

Council By-election Declared Void

Nature Notes – Ascension Wrasse

Fish Export Data 2019

Nature Notes – African Monarch Butterfly

Will there be fines if people break the rules?

What happens when you find something?

Will you be inspecting everyone’s luggage and parcels?

How much will a licence cost?

Will I have to fill out lots of forms?

Will friends and family in other countries be able to send things to me on the ship?

Can I still bring in honey?

Will anything be prohibited?

Will I still be able to bring in fruit and vegetables on the flight?

COVID-19 Response Level Reduced to Level 1 AMBER

Summary of Informal Council meeting 20 August 20

COVID-19 Response Level Escalated to Level 2 RED

The new UK Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO)

Council by-election – Result of Nominations for Candidates

Nature Notes – Sooty Tern

Charter Flights to St Helena and UK

CV01N. Notice of Infected Areas – 18 August 2020

Formal Council meeting on 23 July 2020

By-election to be held on 03 September

Notice of by-election 20200903

CSSF – Promoting a sustainable future for the UK Overseas Territories

Global Human Rights Sanction Regime

Further St Helena Charter Flights Confirmed

Nature Notes – Octopus Stinkhorn

University of Birmingham

University of Windsor

Natural History Museum

Center of Ecology and Hydrology

South Atlantic Environmental Research Institute

National Geographic


EU BEST Initiative

Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

University of Exeter

Darwin Initiative

Blue Marine Foundation

Change of Command USAF Ascension Island

Ascension Island Conservation and Fisheries Directorate

Conservation Newsletter 2019-2020

Nature Notes – Black Triggerfish

Message from the Governor for Armed Forces Day

Green Mountain Celebrates 15 Years as a National Park

TDC-Female Ancestors-Mint Set

TDC-Gough Islands World Heritage Site-S/S

TDC-Gough Islands World Heritage Site-Mint Set

COVID-19 Testing Available on Ascension

ASC-Postcard-Wideawake Tern

ASC-Postcard-The Residency

ASC-Postcard-The Red Lion

ASC-Postcard-RMS St.Helena

ASC-Postcard-RAF Tristar

ASC-Postcard-Land Crab

ASC-Postcard-Islander Hostel

ASC-Postcard-Feral Donkeys

Asc-Aerogramme-RMS St.Helena

ASC-Aerogramme-View of Ascension

ASC-Aerogramme-Green Turtle

Asc-Aerogramme-Comforless Cove

TDC-Whaling and Sealing Ships-FDC

TDC-Vagrant Species Part I-FDC

TDC-Island Life-Through Their Eyes-FDC

Summary of informal Council meeting on 28 May 20

Darwin Plus Climate Change Project for Ascension

Minutes of formal Council meeting on 13 May 20

New Justice of the Peace Appointed

Minutes of Formal Council meeting on 30 Apr 20

Governor’s message for Ascension Day 2020

New Biosecurity Legislation – Frequently Asked Questions

New Biosecurity Legislation Recommended by Council

Ascension Island Marks IDAHOBIT

CV01N. Notice of Infected Areas – 14 July 2020

One year on: Governor’s Message to St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

Fishing and Access to Pier During Ship Work Cargo Operations Policy

Summary of Informal Council meeting on 16 Apr 20

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update – 28 April 2020

COVID-19 Regulations Introduced

Ascension Island COVID-19 Response Protocol

COVID-19 Response Protocol Further Guidance

COVID-19 Response Protocol

Formal Council meeting 11 Mar 20

COVID-19 Results Negative

Informal Council meeting 5 Mar 20

Administrator Sean Burns Begins Official Duties

Governor Visits Ascension

COVID-19 – What does staying at home mean?

Update on Possible COVID-19 Cases

Three Possible COVID-19 Cases Identified

COVID-19 – How should I self-isolate?

COVID-19 – How should I self-isolate?

COVID-19 – Protect Yourself and Others Wash Your Hands

COVID-19 – Coping with children’s stress during the COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 – Coping with stress during the COVID-19 outbreak

COVID-19 – Q&A

COVID-19 – Self-isolation – What do I do now?

COVID-19 – What does self-isolating mean?

Georgetown Hospital Resilience Measures

The Queen’s Commonwealth Day Message 2020

Minutes of Formal Council meeting 6 Feb 20

STH-7 Wonders of St Helena-Mint Set

STH-7 Wonders of St Helena-FDC

New Justices of the Peace Appointed

Governor to Visit Ascension

Meeting summary 6 Feb 20

Minutes of Formal Council meeting 18 Dec 19

Meeting Summary 23 Jan 20

New Lay Advocate Appointed

Meeting summary 9 Jan 20

Wideawake Runway Reconstruction Contract Awarded

ASC-50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing-FDC

TDC 75th Anniversary of D-Day – FDC

Wideawake Runway Reconstruction Project Update

TDC-Whaling and Sealing Ships-Mint Set

ASC-Turtles Postcard Stamps Reprint 2019-Mint Set

Measures to Support Island Businesses to be Introduced

HE Governor’s Christmas Message

The Administrator’s Christmas Message

Summary of formal Council meeting 18 Dec 19

Formal Council Minutes 7 Nov 19

Informal Council meeting summary

Summary of Informal Council meeting 21 Nov 19

ASC-Land Crabs-FDC

ASC-Land Crabs-Mint Set

ASC-RAF Centenary-FDC

ASC-RAF Centenary-Mint Set

ASC-50th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing-Mint Set

Summary of Informal Council Meeting – 24th Oct 2019

Summary of Informal Council Meeting – 10th Oct 2019

Acting Administrator Sworn In

TDC-Vagrant Species Part I-Mint Set

Meeting Summary 7 Nov 2019

Two Year Anniversary of Inter-island Air Service

Crown Dependencies and Overseas Territories Lay Remembrance Wreaths At Cenotaph For First Time

Childminder Policy

Land and Business Policy

Governor Appoints New Administrators of Tristan da Cunha

Minutes of formal Council meeting on 27 Sep 19

STH-Jonathan-The World’s Oldest Animal on Land-Mint Set

STH-Jonathan-The World’s Oldest Animal on Land-FDC

TDC-Island Life-Through Their Eyes-Mint Set

Royal Marines Barracks – Exiles Club

Convalescent Hospital

Mountain Barracks

St Mary’s Church

Ascension Island Council meeting summary 27 Sep 19

Ascension Island Council Minutes 22 Aug 19

Ascension Island Council Meeting Summary 22 Aug 19

Red Lion

Comfortless Cove

Fort Cockburn

Andrew Ellick

Ascension Island MPA


Foreign and Commonwealth Office


British Antarctic Survey

Island Council Election Results

ASC-Royal Wedding-Sheet 4

ASC-Royal Wedding-Sheet 3

ASC-Royal Wedding-Sheet 2

ASC-Royal Wedding-Sheet 1

TDC-Tristan Lobster Fisheries-Mint Set

STH-Christmas 2015-FDC

STH-Airport Project Pt II-Mint Set

STH-Christmas Flowers-FDC

TDC-Visiting Royal Navy Ships-Mint Set

TDC-Visiting Royal Navy Ships-FDC

TDC-70th Anniversary of the Tristan Venture-Mint Set

TDC-70th Anniversary of the Tristan Venture-S/S

TDC-70th Anniversary of the Tristan Venture-FDC

TDC-RAF Centenary-Mint Set

TDC-RAF Centenary-FDC

Restored Turtle Ponds Reopen to Public

TDC-Royal Wedding-Mint Set

TDC-Royal Wedding-S/S

TDC-140th Anniversary of the Wreck of the Mabel Clark-Mint Set

TDC-Migratory Species-Mint Set

TDC-Migratory Species-FDC

TDC-Whales-Mint Set

STH-Airport Project Pt I-Mint Set

STH-Airport Project Pt I-S/S

STH-Airport Project Pt I-FDC

STH-Airport Project Pt I-S/S FDC

STH-The Big Brownie-S/S

STH-Christmas 2014-Mint Set

STH-Commonwealth Games-Mint Set

STH-RMS-Mint Set


STH-Paintings of Jamestown-Mint Set

STH-Paintings of Jamestown-FDC

STH-Airport Project Pt II-S/S

STH-Airport Project Pt II-FDC

STH-Airport Project Pt II-S/S FDC

STH-RMS ST Helena-Mint Set


STH-Royal Wedding-Mint Set

STH-Royal Wedding-FDC

STH-Royal Wedding-FDC S/S

University of Windsor

University of Western Australia

University of Exeter


National Geographic

European Union

Darwin Initiative


Ascension Island Conservation Volunteer Form

Seamounts Project

Ascension Island Research Permit Application


Discover Locations

Large-scale Marine Protected Area designated by Ascension Island Government


ASC-Eels-Mint Set

ASC-Platinum Wedding Anniversary-FDC

ASC-Platinum Wedding Anniversary-Mint Set


ASC-Plankton-Mint Set

ASC-Land Crab-Mint Set

ASC-RAF Centenary-FDC

ASC-RAF Centenary-Mint Set

ASC-Royal Wedding-S/S FDC

ASC-Royal Wedding-FDC

ASC-Royal Wedding-Mint Set


ASC-RMS St Helena-Mint Set

ASC-Migratory Species-FDC

ASC-Migratory Species-Mint Set

50% off air fares between St Helena and Ascension


Policing Plan 2019-2020

Discover Flora and Fauna

North East Point


Terms and Conditions

Site Map



Fort Bedford

South West Bay

Turtle Ponds

Waterside Fairs

Mars Bay

Letterbox Peninsula

North East Bay

Boatswain Bird Island

Green Mountain

Explore Ascension Island

Conservation Locations

Long Beach

Moving to Ascension

Are there places to eat out?


What is the island like?

What is the cost of living?

How many people live on Ascension?

Is there a right of abode?

Are there indigenous people?

What leisure activities are there?

Do I require medical insurance?

Do I have to pay income tax?

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use a mobile phone?

What Internet provision is there?

What banking facilities are there?

Who are the main employers?

Are there childminders available?

Is there public transport ?

Should I bring a vehicle?

Am I able to bring pets?

Is there a school?

What sort of medical and dental cover will I get?

Will my family be entitled to accompany me?

What pre-employment checks will be carried out?

Will I need a criminal records check?

Where will I live?

Flora and Fauna

Post Office Order Form

Post Office Credit Card Form

SA Airlink Flight Booking Form

Public Documents

Governor Leaves Ascension

Explore Ascension Island

History of Ascension Island

Conservation on Ascension Island

What to see and do on Ascension Island

Marine Turtles of Ascension Island

Seabirds of Ascension Island

Marine Life of Ascension Island

Land Crabs of Ascension Island

Green Mountain National Park Walks

Green Mountain Plants and Wildlife

Geology of Ascension Island

Flora of Ascension Island

Yellowfin Tuna

Moss Fern

Hedgehog Grass

Spiny Lobster

Sooty Tern

Shallow Marine (Sub-Littoral)

Rock Hind (Grouper)

Purple Fern

Feather Fern

Montane Mist Region

Mexican Thorn

Masked Booby

Land Crab

Green Turtle

Giant Pseudoscorpion

Ascension Island Frigatebird

Ascension Spurge

Black Rat

Ascension Spleenwort

Ascension Parsley Fern

Anchialine Pools

Postal Service


STH-Festival of Light Parade-FDC

STH-Festival of Light Parade-Mint Set

STH-Airport Project Pt III-S/S FDC

STH-Airport Project Pt III-FDC

STH-Airport Project Pt III-S/S

STH-Airport Project Pt III-Mint Set

Council Summary – 27th June 2019

Council Summary – 18th June 2019

Council Summary – 30th May 2019

Council Minutes – 16th May 2019

Council Summary – 16th May 2019

Council Summary – 2nd May 2019

Council Summary – 11th April 2019

Council Minutes – 25th March 2019

Council Summary – 25th March 2019

Council Minutes – 28th February 2019

Council Minutes – 8th November 2018

Council Minutes – 4th October 2018

Council Minutes – 16th August 2018

Council Minutes – 28th June 2018

Council Minutes – 17th May 2018

Council Minutes – 5th April 2018

Council Minutes – 14th December 2017

Council Minutes – 26th September 2017

Council Minutes – 23rd March 2017

The Administrator

The Governor




TDC-75th Anniversary of D-Day-Mint Set

TDC-Tristan Lobster Fisheries-FDC


ASC-75th Anniversary of D-Day-FDC

ASC-75th Anniversary of D-Day-Mint Set

Governor Makes Maiden Trip To Ascension



Travel by Sea

Travel by Air

Working Here

Living Here


Lifestyle and Employment


Travel and Shipping

Post Office

My account



Alan Nicholls

Island Council

Keturah George

Sean Burns

Dr Philip Rushbrook


Dr Philip Rushbrook sworn in as Governor of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

Reserve Wardens

Marine Conservation

Terrestrial Conservation

Change of Governor of St Helena, Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha

Seamount Report Document

Ascension Island Marine Protected Area Evidence and Options Document

New AIG E-visa system. Questions & Answers

AIG ‘s new E-visa system

Airlink | Tickets now on sale!

Announcement of Air Service between Ascension Island and Saint Helena

Travel to/from Ascension Island – Update

Important announcement regarding travel to and from Ascension Island

Travel To/From Ascension Island

Shark Awareness

Flight Bookings Suspended Until Further Notice

Voyager Air Tanker Flights Suspended

Ascension takes part in Safer Internet Day 2017

Deputy Director of Overseas Territories visits Ascension Island

Refuge buoy for English Bay

Commonwealth Walkway Unveiled on Ascension Island

UK set to protect four million square kilometres of ocean

Blue Marine charity cycle event raises funds for Ascension Island marine protection

New Council Elected for Ascension Island

Ascension celebrates 26 years of the RMS St Helena

Ascension Hydroponics Site Opens

UK Overseas Territories join forces with Internet Watch Foundation to fight online child sexual abuse imagery

Administrator’s Visit to St Helena

Maintaining Access to St Helena and Ascension

Lisa Phillips sworn in as Governor of St Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

Beacon lit on Ascension Island to celebrate Queen’s 90th birthday

Ascension Wishes a Happy 90th Birthday to her Majesty The Queen

Ascension featured on BBC Radio 4

Saint Helena Government announces bi-monthly shipping service to St Helena and Cape Town

Children’s playground gets a revamp

Wildlife of the UK Overseas Territories event to be held in London

Councillor Ellick is awarded an MBE in the New Years Honours 2016

Publication of Wass Inquiry Report

Union flag raised to commemorate garrisoning of Ascension by British Navy 200 years ago

Church bells ring to mark 200th anniversary of British settlement on Ascension Island

Ascension Island all set to mark its Bicentenary

Comair announced as preferred bidder for Ascension-St Helena air service

Bicentenary Park in Georgetown takes shape

Bicentenary Weekend Events Programme Released

2016 Access, Fresh Food and the Bicentenary

Ascension Island Museum reopens

Ascension Island Government launches Bicentenary

VE Day Commemorated at Fort Bedford

Two Boats School: Good with Outstanding Features – Officially

AIG server upgrade

Administrator visits St Helena

Jacqui Ellick takes oath of office

Swearing in of new Administrator

EX Gazette No 43 2014

Ascension Island commits a fifth of its Land Area to Biodiversity Protection

Award of Contract to undertake a Review of Fisheries in Ascension Island’s Exclusive Fishing Zone

Fares: UK to Ascension and vice versa 13/05/2014

AIG Trade Plate Policy

Child Protection – Lucy Faithfull Report

Next Administrator for Ascension Announced

Notice of Council Meeting & Agenda

Ascension Island Council – General Election


Public Notice – Vehicle & Equipment Tender

Latest Conservation Quarterly now Online

Online Notice Board

Public Consultation – Draft Marine Protection Legislation

Island Council Update May 2013

Notice of Council Meeting

New Flag Ascends on Ascension Day!

Raising Ascension’s New Flag

Turtle Hatchlings Season

New Vacancies with AIG

New MUGA Opening Day

EDF10 Roads Update April 2013

Public Consultation Meetings: Protecting Children

First Ever Ascension Flag to Fly

Infrastructure News 11 September 2011

Infrastructure News 15 August 2011

Infrastructure News 28 July 2011

Infrastructure News 12 July 2011

Infrastructure News 08 July 2011

Governor’s visit to Ascension 8 April

A new harbour crane for Ascension

Green Mountain National Park Education and Visitors Centre

Successful trial tests of Ascension Island Global Atmosphere Watch Station

Ascension Island Government signs new Commemorative Coinage agreement with Pobjoy Mint Ltd., Europe’s largest private mint

Ascension Island “extinct” fern makes a dramatic reappearance during the International Year of Biodiversity

Statement on the 2010/11 Ascension Island Government Budget

New roofs for Two Boats School classrooms